How to Participate

Beat Saber is a popular and immersive VR game played in a virtual reality headset. You do not need to own a VR headset or play Beat Saber to become a TRF ambassador or start a fundraiser!  These steps will guide you through the set up process. You can always update your profiles, fundraising information and goals. 

  1. Click Start Fundraising
  2. Sign in with your Facebook or Apple ID or create your own account
  3. Update your player profile
  4. Update your fundraiser with a name and a goal. You can even dedicate your fundraiser to someone affected by cancer.
  5. Share your uniqe link to your network, on social media, via text, or email.
  6. Join the Facebook group.

Check your progress. Reach your goal. Earn Prizes. Be a hero.

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Slayer Two

Slayer Rewards

When you participate as a fundraiser, you can earn incentives the more you raise.

Participant Reward Levels                
  $50 $100 $250 $500 $1,000 $2,500 $5,000 GrandPrize
Personalized Commemorative Program
One Ticket to Celebrity Live Stream
Limited Edition Guitar Pick Neclace  
Limited Edition T-Shirt    
Limited Edition Beanie      
Limited Edition Water Bottle        
Limited Edition Hoodie          
Limited Edition Work Out Towel            
Limited Edition Throw Blanket              
$1000 Gift Card              
Imagine Dragons Signed Guitar              
Gifts From Sponsors              


These rewards are subject to change based on availability.